10 Best Highest Paying Government Jobs in India with Salary

People often wonder which job has the highest salary in India? And for most of the people, the answer is Government job. It is a dream of every Indian because they think government jobs are a secure and stable job platform. They also include many benefits like medical, accommodation and holidays. All of this makes them believe in the highest paying government jobs in India.

So if you talk with every third Indian below 30 years of age, he will definitely be preparing or had prepared for government job competitive exams. The youngsters mostly prepare for SSC, UPSC and Bank related jobs. They spend a lot of money on coaching to crack the exams. There are a lot of other highest paying government jobs in India which are dreams and desire of every youngster. Today in this post, we have collected information about such government jobs which are offering a massive salary to the government employees.

The information about which job has the highest salary in India, is collected from various official websites of related job department. So if you want to build up your career in Government sector, which is offering a big amount of salary, then you can check out below a list of 1o great job opportunities.

Public Sector Units

The public sector units like Gas Authority of Inda (GAIL), Steel Authority of India (SAIL), Bharat Heavy Electricals Limited (BHEL), Coal India Limited (CIL) etc. are offering a great opportunity to government job seekers. The employees of these units are enjoying various benefits. The units are paying them well and the work pressure is also not so high as to make you stressfull by the end of the day.

Another benefit of Public Sector Units is a fixed duty time. An employee doesn’t have to spend extra time in the office to complete the work. PSU is recruiting millions of employees every year through competitive exams. One can visit the official website of any unit to see the recruitment notifications. The starting salary in PSU ranges between Rs. 25,000 to 48,000. Salary in PSU mostly depend upon your designation and qualification. And this makes PSU one of the best answers to which job has the highest salary in India.

Defense Jobs

government job
Army Men During a Routine Exercise

Defense jobs are regarded as one of the highest paying government jobs in India. One can join as an officer in Indian Army, Air Force, Navy and other defense service institutes by passing the National Defense Academy test. Every year, thousands of youngsters pass this test and get selected in the Army, Navy, and Air Force after going through rigorous training.

Defense jobs give you family accommodation, medical facilities, children education benefits, and much more. Although these jobs are tough, the Indian government pays a good salary amount to the employees. In starting, the salary of a defense person ranges between Rs. 25,100 to 40,500. And allowances depend upon the area where you are posted.

Civil Services

Civil services jobs are among the highest paying government jobs in India. Besides that, they are also highly respected and prestigious jobs in this country. If you want to become a part of Indian administration and want to contribute in the major decisions taken by the government of India, then Civil Service jobs are the best for you.

These jobs have been there from a very long time, and are the crown of Indian administration. One can get civil service jobs by passing the UPSC exams. The starting salary scale of Civil Service Government employees is Rs. 19,200 to 38,100. The salary increment percentage of these jobs is higher as compared to the other government jobs.

Bank PO

Bank Probationary officer job is suitable for graduates. For them, this is one of the best answers to which job has the highest salary in India. Although bank job is stressful, its work pressure is proportional to the benefits and salary provided to the employees. Two times in a year, IBPS, RRB and SBI recruit thousands of government job seekers as bank POs. One can join the public sector and commercial bank after passing the PO exam. Two weeks with five working days in a month, makes it the best job for female government job seekers. You only need a university degree to clear the PO exam.

Government Scientist

Bank PO salary
Bank PO are Adviser of Banking terms like Credit Cards

The scientists are the backbone of the technology of any country. A government organization scientist job is also a perfect answer to which job has the highest salary in India. It is very tough to join ISRO and DRDO like technology hub. But if someone gets successful to become a part of these government organizations as a scientist, then his whole life will be respectful, wealthy and prestigious. The salary of Government organization’s scientists is counted in lakhs. With a great effort and enthusiasm, one can be a government scientist, since it is one of the highest paying government jobs in India.

State Public Service Commission

which job has the highest salary in India
SPSC is Responsible For Hiring Employees For State Government

State public service commission is the government organization of every state of India. It recruits candidates for civil jobs in various state government-run-departments like electricity, water, land record, forest, mine, telecom etc. A job seeker can join these departments as an engineer, JEE, chief engineer, accountant, UDC, LDC, and HOD. Salary in this sector is comfortable and work pressure is not so high. Since it is a state level government job, salary varies according to the different states’ pay commissions.

Indian Railway Officers

Railway Recruitment Board is the responsible body for recruiting candidates in Indian railway. RRB publishes many recruitment notifications on its official website and weekly employment news. There are various job opportunities in railway like that of an engineer, station master, train driver and maintenance persons. To earn more, you should go to class A and B category gazetted officers jobs in Indian railway.

Indian railway gives a good amount of salary to its employees, along with various benefits like medical, accommodation and yearly increments. According to the reports, the railway’s senior section engineer’s salary is above Rs. six lakh per month, which makes railway jobs among the highest paying government jobs in India.

University Professor & Lecturer

prefessor job in india
If you are wondering which job has the highest salary in India, and have excellent teaching skills and experience, then University Professor & Lecturer job is suitable for you. Being a University professor, you can enjoy a number of holidays, comfortable hours of duty and various other benefits like medical, accommodation and free meals. By inspiring and preparing young generation towards the betterment of nation, you can also enjoy a university trip and tour to various places. The salary structure of a University Professor ranges from Rs. 50,000 to 1,00,000.

Government Hospital Doctor

The job of a Doctor is of great responsibility and honor. Doctors of government hospitals, like AIIMS, are skillful and highly respected. Currently, the demand for doctors in government hospitals is very high, as India is developing and various big hospitals are opening up across the country to serve the poor.

The duty time of government doctors is very complicated. Sometimes they have to spend 30 to 34 hours continuously in the hospital. But after completing the given duty time, they get enough time to refresh for next duty hours. Being a tough job, doctors are paid a good amount of salary. As their skills and experience grow, they start earning in lakhs. If you want to earn money in medical line, then Government Doctors’ job is best. And it is also your answer to which job has the highest salary in India.

CBI (Central Bureau Of Investigation)

This job is for those people who are patriotic and want to serve their country people. It is very risky and only for brave people. Joining CBI as an officer is not an easy task. There are a lot of tasks and a rigorous training session through which a candidate has to go.

Being a risky and dangerous job, the government of India pays well to the CBI officials. A new officer of CBI gets above 60 thousand rupees in his bank account in the form of salary by the government of India. Indeed, CBI officer’s job is one of the highest paying government jobs in India.

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