Is 1Password a Safe & Secure Application?

We are always worried about getting hacked on the Internet. As the web technology has developed, there are also some risk factors which are not ignorable. If you are worried about getting hacked and want to keep your data safe, then one of the most effective ways is to use the best password manager app, such as 1Password app.

These password manager applications help you to create and store all types of passwords in a secure vault. You just have to remember a single master password of 1Password manager tool. And this application will manage all your other dozens of passwords. Today in this post, we will share with you 1password review which will be helpful to take your decision before using this application.

1Password was started with its Apple only application. After some time, the company launched its Android and windows version software as well. You also have 1Password chrome extension. But Apple is the only ecosystem which widely uses this application today. The services of this application are handling all the features of password managers which users expect, and holding up a tough competition against other password management tools.

1Password Review for Cost & What comes under it

When we talk about any password manager application, the expensive charges of the application always strike our mind. But the 1password app is the only password manager, which did not go through its premium pricing models. There is 30 days trial for new users. After 30 days, the 1Password price is $35.88 per year for a single user and $59.88 per year plan for five members. If you want to add other persons beyond five users, then the iPassword price is $12 per user for a year.

A single user plan allows a user to access all devices, accounts, online, offline, a password generator, security audit, security alert, e-mail support, 1 GB secure online storage and one year of items history restoration which helps you to get your deleted data. A multiuser plan adds sharing of passwords and documents, permission control and account recovery tools.

1Password review

Old Stand-Alone & Newer Configuration

Mac users can purchase the stand-alone license of 1password app from Mac app store by spending $64.99 one time. This was an older non-subscription configuration of the 1password application. And it limits you to one device vault that you can only share by iCloud, Dropbox, your own wifi network or a local folder.

The new subscription version of stand-alone license of 1password application is superior to the older non-subscription version. This includes sharing, restoring items, travel mode, and two secret key derivations. Scroll down for more 1password reviews.

Synchronization with Mobile Applications & Laptop

To use 1password mobile application, you have to sync your stand-alone vault with the 1password mobile application by spending $9.99 per platform to unlock the pro features. The mobile version gives a 30 days trial of pro features. Further if you choose not to pay, you can continue with this as a single device password manager.

On the desktop, 1password window version supports window 7 or above and MacOS 10.10 or later. The 1password chrome extensions are available for different kinds of browsers including google chrome, Mozilla Firefox, Microsoft internet explorer. According to the various 1Password review, the google chrome is the primary browser for using 1password in the laptop.


The 1password has a unique and different setup procedure than other password manager tools. The users receive 34 characters secret key that they can use in addition to the master password. To set the master password for 1password software or application, the product suggests you set an untraditional and long strength phrase password.

The 1password installation might create an inconvenience for you, but it is a one-time hassle. Remember your master password because there is no other way to recover it later. The 1password application does not have any access to your master password and secret key. Only your brain will have access to the master password.

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Security Features of 1Password App

1Password App secures your passwords and data. It only depends upon you, how you synchronize it with your different devices. There are many features which prove 1Password is a secure password manager for all your passwords and private files.

  1. 1Password app secures your data with 256-bit AES encryption algorithm, which makes impossible for the hackers to decrypt your data.
  2. PBKDF 2 cracking tool of the 1Password app makes it harder or impossible to build rapid succession passwords to defeat your master password or secret key security.
  3. The 1Password app database does not store your master key password. It is only your brain which has access to your master password.
  4. 1Password stores your data in your device which means if you go offline, you will not be disconnected to access your data. Your data will always be with you when you need it.
  5. Your 1password data is encrypted and you can only decrypt it on your device. So no matter how you sync it, someone on the other end can never read it.
  6. Most websites send your passwords to a server when you log in, which leaves it very vulnerable to interception. So Secure Remote Password (SRP) protocol of 1password app authenticates your login without sending the same detail to the server.
  7. It provides you with latest browser-based cryptography for secure operations from any modern web browser.

Bottom line

By going through all the information given above, it is predictable that 1password is a secure and safe way to store all your passwords such as Facebook, Twitter and other websites profile passwords in one place. It’s security features make it a perfect password solution tool. For more password-related information of different types of web technologies, visit our other posts available on our website.

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