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The Internet has become an important part of our lives and we spend a lot of time in a day on the Internet. We use it for multiple purposes. And one of those is social media websites like Facebook, WhatsApp, Twitter, and Instagram. Not just this, people also like to interact with strange people on free websites like Omegle, in their free time. Talking with a stranger through video chat makes us aware about people of different regions and race.

Omegle is one of the famous and old websites which provide free video chat with the strangers. WhatsApp and Facebook are also famous for video chat, but to communicate with strange people across the world, the free websites like Omegle are the best.

Today in this topic, we are presenting you with a list of famous free websites like Omegle, which people are using due to their new and unique features. Omegle provides video chat, audio chat, plain text chat to its visitors with random people. This site has become overpopulated due to its popularity. People now find it difficulty to connect with random people on this site, due to the huge traffic load. So we are presenting below a list of some real-time video chat website alternatives where you can connect with new friends without any interruption.

Tiny Chat

This online video chat website allows its users to communicate with strange people through voice chat, video chat, and plain text chat. Its thousands of chat rooms work on any system including Adobe Flash, and Standalone App for Android or iOS. Tiny Chat website’s chat room allows rolling maximum 12 video feeds and many audio chat feeds at the same time.

The website is owned by New York based company Tinychat Co. In 2009, Tiny Chat also launched, which offers access to live stream videos or shows hosted on Tiny Chat. The company was registered in 2009 and it is one of the oldest free websites like Omegle.

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Plain Text Chat With Stranger


Chatroulette offers Webcam based conversations which pair random people through video chat, audio chat, and plain text chat. This website was created by a 17 years old school student from Russia, and its functions are similar to Russian Roulette game. Instead of dealing with a gun, if you do not like anything of a stranger, you can end the conversation by clicking the killing tab. Chatroulette was created in 2009 and it grew without any advertisement except the positive word of mouth of its users. Starting with 500 users per day, now it has become one of the most popular free websites like Omegle.

Face Flow

Face Flow is very famous these days. It has taken video chat to the next level by allowing video chat with three people at a time. This website allows its users to search a profile to share photos and videos. You can directly communicate with your friends and strangers on this website through your browser. This site is in competition with Skype by offering video and audio chat. It has also launched its game called Flappy, which is getting famous among the people.

Random Video Chat with stranger
Random Video Chat


This is another multilingual video chat website famous for its features and graphics. FaceBuzz is a sort of game which allows its users to interact with random people and rate each other. It also has a feature where you can wear funny dresses to make other people laugh during video chat. FaceBuzz is like a fun station and it is famous for speed dating. Once you like someone on this website, you can add him in your favorite list and can send him a mutual friend request.


This video chat website is very famous just like other social media websites such as Facebook, Youtube, WhatsApp after Omegle. This random user pairing website offers video chat, Audio Chat, and plain text chat. ChatRandom grew up as an alternative to Chatroulette because this website is famous for changing rules without notifying the users. It continues with its goal to attract the people from different parts of the world by its multilingual features. To specify the user expectations, it allows you to set your profile for meeting with the people you want.


Another video chat service provider, Fruzo, is famous for its unique online dating network. A user can connect with Fruzo through his current Facebook account or with new Fruzo account. Its search option is very interesting. You can search for random people by searching for age, gender, and location keywords. You can also upload thousands of pictures of yourself on Fruzo to show your friends. It is accessible from both mobile and Laptop.

Multi Videos Feed At the Same Time


Hey-People is renowned for ad-free video chat with random and strange people. It is an experimental and non-commercial project with an easy user interface. You just have to sign up, and after getting your username and password you can start your chat by clicking the Start Chat button. This website is famous for dating, small talk, freak show and adult stuff. To meet that stranger once again in future, you can click friendship button. In the same way, if you don’t like any person on Hey-People, you can blacklist him by clicking the Blacklist Button.


ChatRad is a G-rated website like Chatroulette. It is a very tough website for the people who misbehave online and arise a flame war. Its moderator team ensures the users cleanliness from adult content and computer virus. Anyone of more than 18 years of age can search for a topic of their Interest by selecting their preferences. This is one of the best websites like Omegle.

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