Indian Vegetarian Diet Chart for Weight loss in one Month

We Indians are very careless with our health. That is why every fourth Indian is suffering from obesity and overweight problems. The main reason for this is that we don’t follow a proper diet plan in our daily life. Losing weight is impossible without following a proper and balanced, but very low calorie diet. We mostly visit a restaurant for food and order something which puts our stomach on fire. To lose the body weight, it requires great motivation and control over our bad eating habits. One should follow a low-calorie Indian diet plan for weight loss. By following a balanced diet plan you can reduce up to 10 Kgs in a month. And it is easy to make such a vegetarian diet chart for weight loss for male and female both.

If you have followed any diet plan and did not get expected results, then maybe you are following a wrong diet chart. Today in this post, we are going to show you primarily a vegetarian Indian diet plan for weight loss in one month. This vegetarian diet chart for weight loss works effectively both for male and female. It will help you lose weight permanently and safely without keeping you starving. It is a very low calorie diet high in nutrition and fat burning ingredients, which help you to lose weight and stay fit. You have to just follow it strictly and with great motivation from day one to day thirty. With this, you will also notice great results in your skin.

Early Morning

The Indian diet plan for weight loss starts with early morning. Start your day with two glasses of warm water which will help you to counter constipation, relax muscles and control body fat. A daily habit of drinking two glasses of water makes you ready for the whole day.

Morning Weight loss detox drink

Detox drinking should be the must start of a Vegetarian diet chart for weight loss. Detox drinks can be made in many ways. Habit of a daily detox drink helps us to remove unwanted toxins and sodium present in our body. It accelerates the metabolism and assists our body to lose fat rapidly. You can choose any one of the given detox drinks in the morning.

A very low calorie diet for weight loss

  • Lemon and Honey Juice – Squeeze half of a fresh lemon into a warm glass of water and add one teaspoon of honey. Stir it well and drink it slowly. Adding honey will make your liver clean and reduce fat. It will also help you keep a very low calorie diet easily.
  • Ginger Juice – Add a teaspoon of ginger paste and two teaspoons of fresh mint paste into a warm glass of water. Stir it well before drinking. A daily habit of ginger juice removes toxin elements present in the body.

Breakfast schedule

Keeping in mind the Indian diet plan for weight loss, we are presenting you easy recipes for your breakfast. Most of the options here are from the vegetarian diet chart for weight loss.

Breakfast should be light to make you energetic for the whole day. And so, you need to take a very low calorie diet during breakfast. But low calories does not mean under 100, since you need energy for the whole day. So, the breakfast recipes should be under 250 calories. Here are some recipes which you can use. Chose any one of them.

  • Oatmeal – Oatmeal is a good choice for breakfast since it is a very low calorie diet, but has high fiber ingredients. Add a half cup of skimmed milk into a half cup of oats. For sweetness, use honey instead of sugar. You can also add chopped apples, strawberries, or black grapes to increase its nutritional value.
  • Egg Omelette – This is a non vegetarian (eggitarian) recipe, for those who like to have just egg. As we all know, egg is a low-calorie food with high proteins, which keeps us satisfied for a long time. For this recipe, prepare the Omelette of two eggs and add an onion, chili, and tomato into it. Have it with green tea. Combination of Omelette with green tea increases your metabolism which helps to reduce the body fat.
  • Traditional Idli with Sambar –  Take two homemade Idlis with a half cup of sambar for breakfast. This spicy meal is an absolute recipe in the vegetarian diet chart for weight loss.
  • Vegetable Soup and Brown Bread – Every Indian diet plan for weight loss includes vegetable soup in it. The vegetable soup contains vitamins, nutrients, and minerals which help reduce fat from the body. You can have vegetable soup with toasted bread for breakfast. This recipe contains calories less than 250.

Mid-Morning Snack 

 Mid-morning snack helps you to keep satisfied until lunch. A mid-morning snack should be a very low calorie diet. Ideally, it contains calories less than 100. Here is a list of snacks which are part of the Indian diet plan for weight loss.

  • Have a cup of green tea with two Marie biscuits. Both together make 50 calories.
  • You can have fruits during the mid-morning time. The fruits contain antioxidants, vitamin, and minerals. You can have fruits like 1 banana, 1 apple, or half papaya, which is the best to have in mid-morning.

Vegetarian Diet Chart for weight loss for male and female

Lunch Schedule

A lunch meal should be under 300 calories. Here is a list of meals which you can have in your lunch. This is again a part of pure vegetarian diet chart for weight loss.

  • Vegetable Soup – Soup is delicious in taste and it contains multiple vitamins, antioxidants, and fiber. A bowl of homemade vegetable soup contains 140 calories in it. If you can not make homemade soup, then you can try maggie soup which contains 98 calories. Along with vegetable soup, you can also have two toasted bread pieces for your lunch.
  • Chappati With Vegetable and Daal – A medium sized chappati contains about 70 calories. You can have three chappaties with vegetable or daal for your lunch. The vegetables like cabbage, cauliflower, broccoli, beans, capsicum are the best to have in lunch with the chappatis. This is a perfect mean to include in your Vegetarian diet chart for weight loss.
  • Brown Rice with Daal and Salad – Every Indian diet chart contains Rice with daal in lunch. But they do not tell which kind of rice you can have in your lunch. Brown rice has more benefits over white rice to lose the weight. You can have a half cup of brown rice and a half cup of Daal for your lunch. Along with this, a small bowl of salad is also good for lunch. Eating salad with the meal is good for digestion.

Evening Snack 

We have included a few healthy snacks in our Indian diet plan for weight loss. You can try any one of them for your evening snack.

  • Lemmon Tea With Wheat Rusk
  • A boiled Egg with Green Tea
  • Orange Juice
  • Grilled Brown Bread Sandwich

Dinner Schedule

Suitable time to have dinner is before 8;30 PM. Some people ignore their dinner to lose weight. Ignoring dinner is not good for your health, because our body will not consume anything after dinner for seven to eight hours. This may cause weakness in our body. An idle dinner contains 250 calories. Here is a list of the meals which you can have for dinner.

  • Homemade whole wheat vegetable Wrap is best to have in dinner. It is very healthy and is a very low calorie diet. Use cabbage, low-fat paneer, carrot, onions, beans and tomatoes.
  • Chicken noodle soup is also good for dinner. It is a satisfying dinner meal. a cup of homemade chicken noodle soup contains 150 calories in it.
  • Roti and dal can also be used for dinner. You can have two medium sizes chappatis with a half cup of curry or dal for dinner.

Before Bedtime Drink

A glass of warm water is the best drink before bedtime. It flushes out toxin from your body and relaxes muscles while you sleep. You should take 9 to 10 glasses of water in a day to lose your weight.

This Indian diet chart to lose weight should be followed for one month. You will start to feel results in a few weeks only, which will make you more motivated to follow this diet chart.

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