Types Of Cyber Crime & Prevention

Today in the era of technology, everything has become easy for us. But there are many drawbacks and shortcoming of technology which are compelling us to think before using it. And one of such threats is cyber crime. What are the types of cyber crime, and what can be the prevention of cyber crime? We will be addressing this in our article today.

These days, everybody is talking about the information technology. And that is because it has reduced our efforts required to do any work. But there are many cyber threats and crimes which are responsible for hacking our online and offline personal information stored on the computers. In this article, you will find all the details related to the different types of cyber crime, and prevention for the same.

What is a Cyber Crime

A cybercrime is an activity that involves a computer and a network. It is an offense committed to harming the cyber security of any individual or group of individuals. It is done intentionally by shifting their important information and data for personal profit.

Cyber Threats - causes of cyber crime
Hacker’s Spamming

Causes of Cyber Crime

Why scammers commit cyber crime? What can be the possible causes of cyber crime?

A cybercrime generally happens to lay down any competitive organizations by fishing its database. Sometimes, cyber crime also takes place to make a big profit from a victim by asking him for ransom. Mostly money is one of the primary causes of cyber crime.

Types of Cyber crime

  • Phishing
  • Online Scams
  • E-Mail Bombing
  • Social Media Hack
  • Racial Attack
  • Cyberstalking & Bullying


Phishing is one of the most common types of cyber crime, impacting millions of people in a day. In this crime, a scammer tricks you for sharing your bank details, password, username, credit and debit card PIN. These scammers contact you by e-mail, text message, or even on social media and phone calls. They will pretend to be an employee of the relevant organization.

list of cyber crimes
Cyber Fishing

Some of the common dialogs used by them are, “we are updating our system so we need your details”. They may also ask you to fill out a survey for getting the prize value. And by following their instructions on e-mail, phone calls and social media, you will become a victim of phishing. The phishing is a pre-planned type of cyber crime in which the scammer makes fool of the people or play with the emotions of the innocent people.

Online Scams

Online scams are almost the same as phishing except it occurs at a wider level. It affects many people of a region at the same time by online scams. The scammers will contact you by e-mail, fake website, and social media. They will ask you to double your money, or enroll for free life insurance by investing money at a one time. Hence, the people take the bait and enter into their lured proposal, thus invest a huge amount of money for bigger profit.

So, beware of these scams. Never give attention to such fascinating proposals which claim to double your money. Because if they can double the money, why they did not do so with their own money yet?

E-Mail Bombing

list of cyber crimes
Hacker, Card, Code

E-Mail bombing causes a lot of frustration to a user. It is like a form of the internet abuse, and another one of the major types of cyber crime. E-mail bombing is an overload of emails which scammer sends to one e-mail address. A continued overload of emails in one e-mail address causes the e-mail server to be inactive or crash down. This type of cyber crime is not committed to steal money or personal details. Rather, its primary purpose is to reduce the working efficiency of an organization or individual by crashing the server. And that happens because a crashed server is a very difficult task to fix.

Racial Attack

Another one of the popular types of cyber crime is the racial attack. The social media account is a good source to contact people who are far away from us. But sometimes, we see many racial comments on nationality, religion, skin color and culture in the comment sections of social media accounts.

Targeting someone racially on the internet is counted under the list of cyber crimes. The racial attack is mostly performed by the group of people who hate any community or culture. Their reason might be to spread a flame war in order to benefit a particular political party. Never become a part of such a flame war, which usually occurs at the time of elections.

Social Media Hacking

Social media hacking has become a fun game for the hackers. Even the famous celebrities across the world have become targets for such hackers. The social media hacking is counted as one of the most popular types of cyber crime, carried out by sending malware in your inbox. To send malware, the scammers make fake social media accounts and spam people’s inboxes with malware. These messages also direct the overload of malicious links in your account. These links generally contain the adds such as weight loss, new i-phones, etc.

prevention of cyber crime

Clicking on these malicious links actually means, you are downloading the malware or harmful software in your device which pauses the working of your device for a couple of moments. And the whole control of your device then goes in the hands of the hacker. These few moments are enough to steal your personal details like banking, login credentials, and much more.

So never reply or click on such links which are doubtful and unauthenticated. You can block the user who is sending you such links.

Cyber Stalking and Bullying

Cyber stalking mainly occurs on social media accounts. Presently, millions of people are becoming the victims of cyberstalking every day on social media. The victim and stalker generally know each other in the scenario of cyber stalking. A stalker harasses the victim in the form of distressful messages, links, and videos. It is just like an ordinary stalking and mostly found in teenagers or young adults. On the other hand, Cyber Bullying is the same as stalking except it happens at a much offensive level.

Apart from these types of cyber crime, there are also some other crimes which you should be aware of. We will keep you updated on other cybercrime types. Till then you can go through our other posts related to cybersecurity and don’t forget to read about the tips for prevention of cyber crime, given below.

Tips for the Prevention of Cyber Crime

  1. While you sign up on a website or put a password on your confidential file, always use a different kind of password. Using the same password on every platform becomes predictable to crack. Moreover, don’t write your passwords on a paper. Set a strong password of ten letters, preferably unique characters. There are many password manager tools offered by Google and chrome browser to manage the passwords of your different accounts and files.
  2. We are very ignorable with firewall feature of our laptop and computer. The firewall in our system protects it from bogus sites, viruses and also disconnect the connection of the system with unknown third-party software.
  3. Although the window firewall is enough to protect your system. However, if you want more protection, then install quality antivirus software in your system and update them from time to time.
  4. Make sure your social media accounts like Facebook, WhatsApp, Twitter, Youtube are set to private. Go through your security settings from time to time and be careful about the information you post on social media profiles.
  5. Older software is easy to hack, so always put system’s operating system on an automatic mode. Turn on automatic updates to prevent your system from potential attacks.
  6. Wi-Fi and hotspot network we use in our homes, are vulnerable to invasion. Review and modify your public Wi-Fi security settings. The transaction pertaining to corporate and financial, should be avoided on public networks.
  7.  Be careful when you give personal information such as E-mail, name, mobile number, etc. to any website. Check out the URL of these websites. The sites containing “s” (https// www.) in its URL, are secure to share personal information. “s” word in the URL stands for secure service.
  8. People face various types of Cyber crime by clicking on harmful and fraudulent links on the internet. Clicking on such links redirect you to other malicious websites and automatic download of harmful software in your system starts to occur. This automatically downloaded software is spyware, which attacks personal information such as passwords of profiles, credit, and debit cards. So avoid clicking on the doubtful links.
  9. In case you have become a victim of any type of cyber crime, inform your local police station. The police will definitely help you through its cyber cell units.

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