How to Unlock Android phone password without factory reset?

Possessing tricks to unlock Android pattern/password/pin lock without factory rest is the key to smooth operations. This clearly defines that you can easily bypass the pattern/pin lock if you have somehow forgotten it without necessarily formatting your device and losing all data. In the Android environment, security is the key and that is why there are times when you need to protect vital information from the phone against access by unwarranted and undesired individuals. For this, you often use pattern locks, password locks, or pin locks. These days, fingerprint sensors and face recognition technology is also becoming more and more popular making it more secure.

Unlock Using your Google Account

The worst nightmare can be when you input wrong password/pattern/pin too many times and your phone gets blocked. The device shall now ask you to login with your Gmail account to access the phone. This alternate often proves to be rarely useful since there are high chances that you have no internet connection on your phone and there is no way to turn it on as well. But just in case all fortune is in your favor, follow these steps to unlock your Android device.

  1. Enter some random password/pattern on the phone screen for 5 times.
  2. Now, the device shall prompt you to with three options; 1) Try again in 25 seconds 2) Emergency Call 3) Unlock via Google. Tap on the third option.
  3. Next, type in your Gmail username and password to sign in to your Gmail account.
  4. Once you have logged into your account, the lock screen will be reset to swipe and you can easily enter your phone.

Congratulations! You have successfully bypassed the security passcode on your Android device.

Unlock Using Android Device Manager

The second way is to use the Android Device Manager to enter your Android phone without resetting your phone and losing all data. Follow the steps below to get going:

  1. Log on to on your computer or another mobile phone and Sign in to your Google account, this will start searching for your phone. Here, select the mobile phone that you want to unlock.
  2. You will now be prompted with three options: Ring, Lock and Erase. Click on Lock here.
  3. Now, a window shall appear where you shall be requested to type in a temporary code and click on Lock again. If the passcode reset stands successful, you shall get a confirmation below the 3 options: Ring, Lock and Erase.
  4. Next, you can use your locked phone and enter the temporary password to enter the device.
  5. Once, you have entered the phone, visit “security” section in “settings” and change the temporary passcode if you wish.

unlock your smartphone easily

Unlock Android Password via ADB

If you do not have a Google account created beforehand, you will need to use a difficult an rather complex way to bypass the security lock on your Android device. Make use of ADB on your system. ADB is a powerful tool to remove the password from a locked Android phone. It will also retain your data on the device. Follow these steps to execute this procedure:

  1. Encrypt the downloaded ADB to Local Disk C.
  2. Now, use a USB cable and connect your locked phone with the computer
  3. You will now be prompted with 2 options: “USB Debugging” and “Charge Only”. Select “Charge Only”.
  4.  Open Command Prompt on your computer and type in the code: cd c:\adb>adb shell>cd data/system> Is
  5. You will now see a folder named “password.key”; delete this folder and enter “rmpassword.key”
  6. Now, reboot your Android phone and feel free to barge in.

Congratulations, you have learnt 3 ways of bypassing your Android phone’s security lock without factory reset.

If you know any other ways to enter your Android mobile without typing in pattern/passcode, do share with us. We will be happy to include your suggestions in our article.

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