How to Unlock iPhone without Password?

Clearly, one of the most trending searches on the internet today is around bypassing the passcode in an iPhone. Although, it is a little surprising to know that so many people tend to forget their passwords of a device they use all day. Well, maybe it’s an old iPhone that you no longer use or you hang around with naughty kids quite too much and in these cases, it is absolutely understandable.

Well, there was no way of unlocking your iPhone in the past but there are multiple hacks today. In addition, there are numerous tools right there on the app store that enable you to do so. It is a little ironic though, but hey, it’s Apple. You don’t ask a lot of questions, okay. 🙂

Here are some of the easiest and quickest ways you can use to bypass your iPhone’s security password.

Method 1: Trick Siri to get inside your iPhone

If your device is running on an IOS version between 8.0 and 10.1, you can play an easy trick with Siri and get inside your phone without having to restore it and lose all data. Here is how you can bypass Iphone’s security password and get in.

  1. Long press the Home Button until Siri activates.
  2. Ask Siri for the time. Say “Can you tell me the current time?” Siri will display the local time notification.
  3. Click the notification (Clock icon) and it shall land you on the world clock screen.
  4. Click the plus sign (+) on the top right corner to add a new world clock.
  5. Now, in the search bar, type in a few random characters and then long press to “select all” the text
  6. Now select “share” from the options available.
  7. Select “message” from the prompted sharing platforms. The messaging window will appear.
  8. Next, long press the “To” field and paste the copied text there.

Wait for a couple seconds before you press the Home Button. You shall land on the Home screen. Congratulations! You have successfully bypassed the Iphone’s security lock.

Unlock yor phone easily

Method 2: Going the iTunes way

Case 1: If your iPhone has been synced with Itunes before

You can also resort to Itunes when you forget your passcode (for some reason). Since your phone has synced with Itunes before, follow the steps below to bypass your Iphone’s security lock without typing in the password or losing your data:

  1. Connect the iPhone to your computer using a USB cable
  2. Log In to Itunes on your computer
  3. This will result in iPhone automatically syncing and backing up your data instantly.
  4. Once the sync finishes, go to the summary tab and click on “Restore iPhone”. This will restore your iPhone to factory settings and will remove passcode from the device.
  5. Once you have access to the device, go to Itunes, click on “Restore Backup” and select the most recent backup to restore your data on the iPhone.

Congratulations, you have again bypassed the Iphone’s security password without any collateral damage.

Case 2: If your iPhone has never been synced with iTunes before

If you have never synced your device with iTunes before, you shall have to adopt the recovery mode to restore your device. Follow the steps below for the same:

  1. Switch off your iPhone.
  2. Leave the USB cable connected to your PC but not your iPhone. Keep iTunes running on your system.
  3. Now, press and hold the Home Button as you connect the USB cable to your phone. Continue holding the Home Button until you see “Connect to iTunes” on the screen.
  4. Now release the Home Button. Itunes will now display that it has detected your phone in recovery mode.
  5. Itunes shall offer you an option to either restore from a backup or set up as new. In your case, you will have to select from new.

These were some easy and authentic ways in which you can get past the security passcode of your iPhone. Let us know of any cheats or other ideas that you know about bypassing your iPhone’s lock screen password.

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