List of Youngest IAS Officers In India Till 2018-2019

IAS stands for Indian Administrative Service. In India, this service is considered as Civil Service. The members elected for Civil Service serve the Government of India and State Government, by getting deployed in various Public Sector departments. An IAS officer in India works as a Probationary officer of a subdivision in starting. And after completing the period, he is appointed as the head of division and state administration. IAS was founded on 26 January 1950. And since then, a lot of IAS officers have become the part of Indian government. Today in this post, we will share with you a list of some youngest IAS officers in India.

As we know that every year, UPSC conducts the IAS exam. And millions of students enroll for this exam at their young age. They need to put great effort and hard work to pass this IAS exam. And some hardworking cadre pass this exam at a very young age. We have made a list of UPSC toppers who have cracked the IAS exam at such young age. The list contains some data related to them including age, qualification and personal information.

Ansar Ahmed Shaikh

Ansar Ahmed Shaikh is among the youngest IAS officers in India til date. He appeared for IASin 2016 at the age of 21 years old, and cracked it at the first attempt itself. He is a topper of 2016 UPSC exam with the rank of 361. Ansar Ahmed Shaikh is a Bachelor of Arts, Political Science, and a graduate from Pune’s Fergusson College. Basically, Ansar Ahmed belongs to Marathwada place of Maharashtra. His economic background was very poor as his father is an auto-rickshaw driver and drunker. He has given credit for his success to his brother while giving an interview to the media.

Roman Saini

Roman Saini is another youngest IAS officers in India. He was a topper of 2013 UPSC exam and became the youngest IAS officer at the age of 22. Basically, Roman Saini belongs to Jaipur, Rajasthan. He is a multi-talented person who cracked the AIIMS entrance exam at just the age of 16.

To clear the UPSC exam, he skipped the AIIMS internship. After working as an IAS officer for one year, he resigned from his duties in 2016 and started working as an educator, entrepreneur, and speaker. He even launched his own website, and youtube channel to provide free and paid education for students, who are preparing for various competitive exams in India.

Swati Meena Naik

Swati Meena Naik is also in the list of youngest IAS officers of India. 1984 born Swati Meena Naik has cracked the UPSC exam in the first attempt in 2007, She was just 22 years old at that time. Her rank was 260th and at that time she was youngest in her watch. Swati belongs to Sikar district of Rajasthan and her first posting as a district collector was at Mandla district of Madhya Pradesh. At that time she was only 28 years old. Currently, she is deployed as a district collector in Khandwa district of Madhya Pradesh.

Amrutesh Aurangabadkar

Amrutesh was the topper of 2011 UPSC exam batch. He was 22 years at that time and got the 10th rank all over India. At that time, Amrutesh Aurangabadkar was the youngest IAS officer ever. Amrutesh belongs to Pune district of Maharashtra and has an educated family background. His father is also an officer in the Indian government department. His mother is a gold medalist in BA (Economics) and sister is working in an Indian Revenue System. In one media interview, he told that he always wanted to clear the IAS exam but didn’t expect to be a topper.

Ankur Garg

Another one in the list of youngest IAS officers in India is Ankur Garg. He had appeared in 2003 batch of UPSC exam. Ankur got the first rank and became the youngest IAS officer of that time. He was an IIT student and did B.Tech degree in electronics branch. Ankur belongs to a family of doctors. His father, mother and sister, all are doctors in reputed hospitals in the country.

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